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Curious about Disgusting Foods? Sweden Has a Museum Full of Them

Curious about Disgusting Foods? Sweden Has a Museum Full of Them

In Malmö, Sweden, there’s a quaint food exhibit called the “Disgusting Food Museum” featuring delicacies that are revolting especially for the faint of heart. You would probably think so to, as the disgusting food collection includes beverages as vile as a wine made from feces, gin brewed from ants, and an Icelandic craft beer brewed from whale testicles.

Actually, the museum is known for its unusual displays of various international cuisine. The strangest and the most repugnant food coming from different parts of the world have been in exhibit since last September.

How Disgusting Can the Food and Drinks Be?

According to Andreas Ahrens, director of the Disgusting Food Museum, they made sure that all alcohol drinks on exhibit are acceptable in other parts of the world regardless of how repulsive the ingredients or revolting the process used in making the beverage.

Mr. Ahrens cited a drink called Ttongsul as an example, which is a medicinal rice wine in South Korea that is brewed using fermented human excrement. While the production process is disgusting in other countries, the brewing process is widely acceptable in South Korea.

One of the main beverages that draws much attention is a Scottish beer that is touted as the strongest beer in the world as it contains high alcohol content of 55% per measure of volume. Yet the disgusting aspect of the Scottish beverage is not the staggering level of alcohol content but the manner by which the beer is served. The drink is poured and served inside a taxidermied squirrel.

Mr Ahrens takes pride in saying that their showcase of culinary concoctions includes homemade brews dating as far back as thousands of years ago; many of which were experimented by local brewers.

As an example, Mr. Ahrens pointed to the aforementioned whale testicle beer that is seasonally made available by a local brewery in Iceland that goes by the name of Brewery Steðji. In making the alcoholic beverage, the brewery first cures whale testicles using an old Icelandic tradition of adding a slight amount of salt and smoking the testicles for a long period.

The ant-brewed alcoholic beverage called Anty Gin contains about 62 redwood ants. It is said to be the first-of-its-kind-brewed-insect gin in the world, which gives the beverage a sharp hints of citrusy flavor.

The museum’s website invites adventurous people to visit the exhibit and try the concoction as a way of challenging their concept of disgusting while simultaneously exploring the world of food.