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Pomegranate : This Ancient Fruit Has Been Discovered as More Potent than Other Fruit Juices

Pomegranate : This Ancient Fruit Has Been Discovered as More Potent than Other Fruit Juices

Currently, pomegranate juice is being researched for its various health benefits of helping boost immune support, preventing cancer and promoting fertility. After all, the use of pomegranate as a medicinal food dates back to thousands of years ago.

The sanguine-colored fruit recently drew attention of nutrition scientists after some researchers discovered the fruit juice can actually aid in stopping prostate cancer cells from growing. However, even though there have been other studies conducted to prove its efficiency in fighting prostate cancer, the results are still regarded as exploratory.

Anyway, there have been long-term medical studies conducted that show the fruit contains high levels of dietary compounds that increase its efficacy in improving the health of humans.

What Makes the Pomegranate Fruit Highly Potent ?

While numerous researches have proven the health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice, the following properties can have significant positive effects on human health:

The fruit juice contains more than a hundred phytochemicals, which are plant-based compounds widely believed as efficient in protecting cells against cancer. The pomegranate fruit is known for its edible juicy pearls, which studies show are high in antibacterial and antiviral properties. This denotes that it can act as a better detoxifying agent than green tea.

The seeds of the fruit get its vibrant red color from powerful antioxidant chemicals called polyphenols. Pomegranates have higher levels of polyphenols if compared to other fruit juices, green tea or red wine. Supplying one’s body with antioxidants is valuable as it can aid in protecting cells against irreparable damages, reducing inflammation and in eliminating cancer-causing free radicals.

Juicing one pomegranate contains more than 40% vitamin C required by your body. to maximize the nutrient one gets from the fruit, choose fresh or homemade pomegranate juice since pasteurization process can reduced the vitamin C of processed pomegranate fruit juice.