Chrissy Teigen’s Hulu “Family Style” Cooking Show Teased in Chef Chang’s Netflix Docu-Series

Hulu, the on-demand TV show streaming service, announced in May 2019 about an upcoming cooking and talk show featuring Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy’s show is actually part of Hulu’s expansion into the food programming format, which the streaming network has partnered with Ms. Teigen’s Suit and Thai Productions, Chef David Chang’s Majordomo Media and Vox Media Studio.

Ms. Teigen, who, aside from being a topnotch swimsuit model, is also the author of the best-selling cookbooks “Cravings.” it was announced in May 2019 that she will be hosting Hulu’s first food-centric programme entitled “Family .Style” at Hulu’s Kitchen. Fans were promised to see Chrissy in action, pitting her cooking expertise with Chef Chang, also a well-known TV personality and popularly known for his Momofuku chain of restaurants.

The good news is that Netflix’s release of David Chang’s “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner” docu-series last October, is said to be a bit of a preview of the forthcoming “Family Style” cooking and talk show hosted by Teigen and Chang.

What Makes Hulu’s “Family Style” Different from Other Food Television Shows

Hulu’s “Family Style” cooking and talk show content is highly anticipated. Many are looking forward to see Chrissy and Chef Chang explore different ways on how and what people cook for friends and family as their way of expressing their love.

When Hulu’s plans for “Hulu’s Kitchen” was first announced, Chrissy visualized the “Family Style” show as akin to having her and David Chang’s families moving in together, to cook under one roof. That is why fans of the “Cravings” cookbooks are hoping Chrissy will from time to time, feature her Thai mom to share more of the authentic Thai recipes not included in her two top-selling books.

According to Hulu, the two culinary experts will also be working behind the scenes. As Chef David Chang puts it, he says they plan to keep integrating fresh perspectives into the topics of their conversations. Mainly because they will try to change the conventional concepts on what can and should be included in TV food shows. He added that he believes,

“There is an audience out there, who celebrates and understands the world through food; therefore, hungry for television shows that will supplement their sense of curiosity in new ways.”