Chipa Guasu Tradicional y Thermomix

Why is it that most people are having problems in accepting praises? You may not notice it but there are various types of compliments for cooks. Let us try to figure out some of them.

“Obligatory Compliment”

For this one, this is what you get from your friends saying “thank you for the dinner. The food looks delicious”

What it actually means is that, your guest is not into what on their plate or perhaps, it can also be a genuine appreciation of the effort that went to it or maybe both.

Regardless, any compliment that you receive is good and it’s something to be taken by pride.

Awestruck Compliment from Another Cook

This may come in phrases like “how did you make this phenomenal meal?

What it actually mean is that, your friend is intrigued in knowing your secrets in cooking. You may rebut this by saying your gratitude and how long you’ve been practicing for it. In case that you are don’t have reservations in the recipe, then you can share them your recipe and some techniques.

Self-Hating Compliment

This may sound like “the food is good, I’m worst at making even the simplest meals”. In relation to this, your guest may be insecure or simply do not have ideas of giving compliments. Your response to this may be telling them to just keep practicing.