Pan de Chile Poblano Manera Tradicional

In this article, you are going to learn about the different types of Chilean bread. We have compiled here the top-rated breads, which you will commonly find and something you ought to try as well.


This is Chile’s take on French baguette. Well, it is not necessarily copying its texture or shape but in a way that it’s a cultural signifier.

This serves as symbol of Chilean gastronomy across the globe and is a recognizable national icon.


This is the next top-rated bread after marraqueta. You know that it’s a hallulla as it’s a flat, circular roll with starchy filling.

Pan Amasado

Despite the fact that Chileans are a bonafide bread lover, the pan amasado takes a special place in their culture. Not just because it has a great flavor as well as over-warmed heat, but because of the reason that it can be made at home in comparison to other breads.


The coliza is square and flat. Not only that, it has a resemblance to hallulla both in appearance and taste. It’s a heavy and chewy bread. The difference it has is that, the crust is flakier and it’s easier to break and crack apart at the same time.