Flan o Budin de Pan Viejo

It doesn’t matter what kind of pan you buy, what matters most is that, it is durable and sturdy. The thickness of the pan means that it will not warp, dent or even have hot spots which is frequently the cause why foods in a part of the food cooks faster or is burnt before the rest is done.

Pans made from thinner materials will not be able to hold on the heat evenly. Deeper pot must be capable of holding the heat even to its side. Here are few tips that you need to learn when buying your pans.


While this has to have top quality, it does not need to be too heavy. While you want your pan to be sturdy, you will be using it frequently steaming or blanching vegetables or boiling water for pasta. Having said that, you must be able to lift the pot even if it is full of water.


Two-quart saucepan is just the right cooking equipment when you are making rice and sauces.

Additionally, it is perfect when you are reheating pasta sauce and soup.

When handling these said tasks fast, your best option is to buy pans that are manufactured using copper.