Marranitos de Piloncillo Galletitas

When making cookies, something you should never forget is the leavener. Baking powder and baking soda actually play a significant role. Both of these are leaveners. Yet, they’re working differently. With a bit of practice and research, you can perfect your cookie recipe using baking powder and baking soda.

Effects of Ingredients

Also, you have to know that different flours do contain different ingredients. They are affecting the way how the cookies are baked, taste and also, rise.

You’d be surprised that King Arthur’s flour has the highest level of protein compared to other flours sold in the market. The amount of protein use is going to affect the cookie’s density.

Moreover, not just the brand of flour you are using can make a huge difference but also, the type of flour.

Wheat flour actually make a distinctive difference in the chocolate chip cookies you’re making in comparison when using all-purpose white flour.

Slight Change has Big Impact

Truth is, slightly changing the oven’s temperature by 10 degrees can affect the rise, taste and spread of cookies. Few things are as frustrating as cookies that are gooey in the middle and tad-too brown. There are ovens that aren’t consistent with the stated temperature on the display. A quick and easy fix to this is by using oven thermometers in baking cookies to perfection.