Salsa de Charales con Chiles Catarinos

Sauces have this special touch that easily elevates the taste of a meal and goes perfectly with almost every dish. While different cuisines have its standard sauces as well as flavor bases, the moment that you know few of them, it is easy to make a twist of your own. Here are couple of things that you might want to take into account.


This sauce is perfect in lasagna, cooked vegetables in casserole, mac n’ cheese and to almost any cheese based dish that you have.

You may also use this as substitute to vegetable stock rather than milk to have a vegan version.


This one may have a fancy name but it’s almost similar to béchamel. But in this sauce however, you will be using light-colored stock from either fish, vegetable or chicken stock rather than milk. It is totally versatile as this sauce could be used with vegetables.

Brown Sauce or Espagnol

Simply speaking, this is a brown gravy that forms the base for mushroom sauces, steak sauce, Madeira and a lot more. There are numerous ways of making brown sauce but you have the idea.

There are many other sauces that are easy to make.