Rosca de Reyes Estillo Mexicano

In Mexico, it has been a tradition among family and friends to have a get together and eat Rosca on January 6. Normally, this is partnered with a warm drink like coffee or chocolate.

The Perfect Time to Taste Roscas

If you will be going to Mexico during Christmas period to the second week of January, then you’ll find several stores selling Roscas in bakeries. There are variations but if you want the classic Roscas, it’s something that’s made with butter and has orange zest that gives it a slight citrus flavor.

The top is oftentimes decorated with cherries and candied citrus fruit and quince paste which is otherwise known as ate or pronounced as ah-teh in Mexico.

Rosca is a bit sweet and spongy inside while the candied fruits and sweets give this a touch of sweetness.

Everyone has their Versions of Roscas

There are bakeries that are making special versions with different fillings similar to:

  • Cream
  • Jam and;
  • Custard

Then they are also using varieties of toppings and you could find some that also have a chocolate flavoring. If you will not be travelling in Mexico throughout this season, don’t worry as you can still purchase Rosca online and have it delivered to your home. On the other hand, if you feel ambitious and have some skills in the kitchen, you may make your own at home.