Salmon al Horno con Constra Multicereal

Baked salmon is a healthy meal and also one of the best ways of feeding a large crowd. No cooking skills are necessary as everything’s oven-baked in foil.

This makes the preparation time and cleanup a breeze.

Just consider easy, beautiful and delicious dish.

How Much You should Buy?

The question is, how much salmon to get? Despite the fact that it looks huge, still you are buying a fillet. You do not have to slice it yourself. However, you might request the fish guy to have it done for you. If you think that people is already hungry, then go for around half pound/person. Keep in mind that salmon could be easily fill someone’s stomach.

Also please do take into mind the size of the meat. It is going to have a direct impact on the baking time. For 3 pounds fillet, it usually takes 25 minutes.

Use Lemons as Base

If you want to give your recipe a citrusy fresh element, then using lemon slices as bed would do it. It is the Bomb. The downside though is that, the skin will not attain crispiness. In case that your priority is seared skin, then it is highly recommended to skillet glazed lemon salmon.