Pan Mexicano Bolillo y Telera Casera

Bolillo is basically a small loaf that is around 6” long.

It has a crusty surface with soft interior.

This is the kind of bread that is frequently used in accompanying Mexican meals and an imperative part of everyday food scene.

It’s Part of the Tradition

Bolillo is used often to make tortas and molletas. It is cut routinely into slices and it’s best served in basket w/ meal rather than tortillas. It is the go-to choice for bread to enjoy together with butter which is perfect whether it is breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Even though it is quite popular, majority of the Mexicans have never baked at their home. Both savory and sweet loaves have been acquired primarily from local bakeries. If not, it is bought directly from those who sell it door to door or from a big shallow basket that’s affixed to a bike or in this modern time, from the trunk of cars.

Because it Takes Dedication and Commitment

Bread baking is both an art and science in its own right. It takes years to master the craft at home in which the dough additives as well as special equipment available in commercial kitchens don’t exist.