Tacos al Vapor

For sure, you have eaten tacos before and many will claim that they’ve tasted what authentic taco is like. But the truth is, you may have eaten taco from taco packaged that was made batch after batch.

Depending on the area where you live, an authentic Mexican taco is hard to find in US.

Have You Really Eaten Authentic Tacos?

There are chilies that aren’t grown north of the border. The next time you will be eating tacos, here are few of the things that you need to bear in mind to quickly assess whether it’s an authentic one or not.

  • Authentic tacos are using tortillas and not flour
  • Most of the time, American tacos have hard shells while authentic ones have soft shells
  • You know that you’re eating authentic tacos when it is tapped with finely diced white onion and fresh cilantro. The American versions usually have cheese on top
  • Authentic Mexican tacos aren’t often spicy. However, if you will be adding homemade salsa, you could have as much spice as you want
  • Authentic tacos are also made using fried, grilled or stewed meat. The grilled meat is normally marinated overnight using paprika, oregano, cumin, chilies and onions