Mi Pastel de Cumpleanos

A great idea to create unique cakes is by incorporating photos. Believe it or not, there are increasing number of bakeries that are practicing the skill of transposing their client’s favorite photograph as the body or base of the cake. Choosing your favorite photo is actually a nice conversation starter at any party.

Besides, this is a cool way of reminiscing memories while having one-of-a-kind cakes too.


Another creative and cool way of having cakes is the ice cream cakes. In this kind of cake, it’s quite a crowd pleaser and available in multiple designs. The nice thing about these ice cream cakes is that, there’s no need to pass the cake and ice cream anymore. Just pass plate of ice cream cake and everyone’s pleased and covered.

Innocent Prank and Entertainment

While it’s been a tradition to put candles on top of the cakes, there’s a newer and cooler way that may be added to cakes with candles. This comes in form of a trick candle. With such, the person who is celebrating will try over and over to blow it out. But that’s actually the twist. These candles don’t blow out. It’s been a fun and harmless prank at parties.