Albondigas al Chipotle

Most people think that they have to enroll in a culinary school only to be better in cooking. In fact, there are numerous ways that can be done to be a better cook and attain professional-like results.

Cooking Tips for Beginners

One way that can be done is by choking up your kitchen knife. In an effort to have more control, it is wise that you choke the handle up to the point that you can put your side of index finger and thumb on the side of blade above the handle.

Also, don’t forget to use your hands.

Your hands play a delicate part when cooking.

In fact, it is a sophisticated and sensitive “free” tool when cooking. You may develop your sense of touch by simply paying attention to the different foods at varying degrees of doneness.

When seasoning, use sea salt or kosher salt. You may not be used to the smell of it, but you should start getting the hang of it. Sea and kosher salt have better flavor compared to table salt.

A Sign that it’s Cooked

In addition to that, you must never overcrowd your pan when you are sautéing. See to it that you are still seeing the bottom of your pan between foods. Putting too much food is going to lower the pan’s temperature and create a lot of steam. In other words, you will not get a nice browning on your foods which also act as indication that it’s cooked.