Costillas de Cerdo en Chipotle y Miel

It is an excellent idea to have chipotle if you want to have that authentic Mexican food chipotle offering. In reality, most dishes from kitchen of such catering offer smoked chili paper. After all, this is a must and no Mexican foods aren’t touched by one.

The restaurant is offering primarily five main dishes and this includes salad, chips, tacos, burritos and of course, the kid’s menu. For these food items, you will be given with several options for the meat and toppings.

Varieties Offered

An extremely popular item burrito comes with cilantro-lime rice, flour tortilla, your choice of meat salsa, black beans as well as cheese. There’s also a different burrito version which is the burrito bowl.

This is practically the same thing but the difference is that, it’s served in bowl rather than being wrapped in foils.

Tacos are yet another specialty of chipotle menu. It comes in two varieties and these are soft tacos and crispy tacos. The latter have corn shells that are stuffed with meat, cheese, romaine lettuce and salsa. Soft tacos on the other hand boast the same stuffing but its core is made from flour tortillas and thus, softer.